Discover heaven in Santorini. Finikia - Oia - Santorini

Four reasons that validate our exceptional location:
1. Convenient Access: The easy access from the road and the presence of public parking across the street make Pink Freud Villas easily reachable for our guests arriving by car. This convenience eliminates any potential challenges related to parking, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free arrival experience.
2. Local and Authentic Atmosphere: Being situated inside the village of Finikia provides our guests with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and ambiance of Santorini. This can enhance the overall travel experience by offering a genuine and authentic taste of the destination beyond typical tourist areas.
3. Proximity to Key Facilities: The ability to walk to nearby restaurants, a local grocery store, the volcanic caldera, and the popular village of Oia underscores the convenience of Pink Freud Villas' location. Our guests can easily explore these attractions on foot, adding to the convenience and flexibility of their stay.
4. Privacy and Tranquility:  Despite the proximity to the vibrant village of Oia, returning to Pink Freud Villas offers a retreat to privacy, peace, and quiet. This ensures that our guests can relax and unwind in a tranquil setting, especially while enjoying an evening by the private pool, creating a perfect balance between exploration and relaxation.
In summary, the location of Pink Freud Villas offers a blend of accessibility, local charm, proximity to amenities, and a peaceful retreat, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable experience in Santorini.
The village of Finikia in Santorini
Finikia is a tranquil, traditional,  pedestrian village surrounded by vineyards, located on the north part of the island. Many locals live in this village because it is still quiet and very picturesque compared to other villages in Santorini. The architecture is Cycladic authentic, with beautiful whitewashed cave homes. The village stands out for the colorful cave homes that remind a painting and compose an incredible setting. Finikia is quiet, affordable and feels very local. There seem to be more locals than tourists in Foinikia, whereas in Oia there are definitely more tourists than locals. Finikia will give you that Cycladic traditional house experience with local feel, just a few minutes away from the Instagram hub of Oia. It is the best of both worlds.
Next to Oia, few minutes walking distance to the caldera
1 km from Domaine Sigalas winery and vineyard
2 km from Baxes beach
15 km from the airport
17 km from Athinios port
10 km from the capital, Fira
4 km from Kouloumbo beach
22 km from Persia beach
18 km from Kamari beach
20 km from Vlyhada beach